Is a crazy MYTH in the way of your Amazing Life?

We’re probably all guilty of believing something that works against us living the best life possible yet… the myth hangs around in our psyche, showing up when we are most vulnerable!¬† Here’s a myth that I’m excited to DE-BUNK because it’s been lurking around my life for as long as I can remember: “My LIFE will be AMAZING as soon as I accomplish _______” (fill in the blank).

You would think I would not EVER fall for this myth again, but noooo……. as soon as I have a rough day; a cancelled event; or a rejected business proposal – here it comes (again)¬†trying to convince me that my entire life will be just FABULOUS as soon as I land the NEXT account or post the next blog or blah, blah, blah.

Okay, so now for the truth:¬† my life is AMAZING every time I pause and reflect on the goodness of God.¬† Seriously.¬† My life is amazing when I linger in the place and space of gratitude for food, shelter, family & friends who love me; meaningful work and fruitful ministry and…. I could go on and on listing the myriad ways that I am blessed.

If by any chance, I’m not the only one who struggles with the recurring madness of this myth, and if per chance you wrestle with it too, please help yourself to reading about two other myths that conspire to keep you from enjoying your amazing life by¬†CLICKING HERE¬†for a completely FREE download (no email required).

Also, please share your thoughts (& myths) with me!  Wishing you the very best for a life that is myth-free and truly amazing!

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What Do You Say to a Dreamer When the Dreamer is You?

Dream BIG!

I’m good¬†at encouraging others¬†by saying things like “Go Big or Go Home!”¬†or “God gets no glory from your small thinking!”¬†It probably won’t surprise you that I’ve been known to throw around more than my fair share of “Dare to Dream!” sayings at anyone within¬†hearing range.¬† But what do I say to the dreamer when the dreamer is ME?

I’m facing some real challenges as an entrepreneur and I’ve never been particularly big on empty platitudes or weak mantras.¬† Don’t get me wrong.¬† When I tell others¬†“Dare to Dream!” I am saying it with the utmost faith in their ability to make their dreams come to pass.¬† I’ve been telling myself the same thing of late and you know what… I really do mean it.¬† When I say it to myself¬†the translation is this: “Dare to imagine an event at¬†which your participants are moved so profoundly that THEY have to acknowledge their new-found spiritual location – BOOM!¬† Dare to move from simply ‘imagining’ to conceptualizing, planning and executing such an event!¬† Dare to price it right and promote it right and then… dare to totally enjoy it when it happens.”¬† That’s what I dared myself to do and that’s what I’ve already begun doing!

I started this year with some hefty-size dreams.¬† I really did dare.¬† I dared to sign the lease on a conference space; I dared to furnish it; I dared to dream up the kind of events I wanted to host and I dared to tell others.¬† I dared to establish¬†fees and I dared to¬†make everything I do profitable.¬† It’s not over yet…¬†matter of fact I’m only¬†in the first quarter of the¬†year.

How about you?¬† What do you need to dare yourself to do?¬† I’m not talking about some foolish, ill-conceived, half thought-out stunt either.¬† I’m asking you – what is in YOUR heart that we both know was placed there by God the Father?¬† What are you afraid of and what are you waiting on?

This is your season to dream and then, to dare to do.¬† Get your prayer circle, professional team, best friends or whomever else you need for emotional and spiritual support.¬† If you need a Life Coach get that too.¬†¬†Whatever you do, decide to live your life with greater focus, intentionality and joy.¬†Tell your dreams that you apologize for the delay… you’re on your way! ¬†I dare you.

Dr. Sheryl L.W. Barnes – Life Coach, Author, Speaker