10 GIFTS to Give Yourself: The Journey Back to You!

This is book is for every person who has ever given TOO MUCH of him or her self away!  Even if you meant well, the truth is – every time you “over” give, you move a little bit further away from a place of divine BALANCE, WHOLENESS and even WELLNESS.  It’s time to make the ‘Journey Back to YOU’ by engaging in a deliberate, self-caring, and self-nurturing process of restoration.  Open ten, delightful and restorative GIFTS that will replenish your SOUL as you travel back to a place of authenticity.


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Discipleship in the Age of Distraction

Did you know that God has magnificent plans for your life? If so, then please know that the Enemy also has plans to distract you from your destiny and best life in Christ Jesus. In my book, Discipleship in the Age of Distraction, I write about age-old distractions and their effects on the lives of Believers.  I also write about how such distractions can be overcome.

Your life is a phenomenal and gracious gift from God. Be prepared to confront those distractions that are designed to keep you from realizing your fullest potential in life.  This book has been used successfully for personal, private study but also for small groups and entire Sunday School sessions.  It’s an excellent resource for students of all ages.

Available through and my personal Bookstore on my website.



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