Life Coach Certification

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The answer is probably ‘YES!” if…

  • You are already coaching colleagues, co-workers, friends & relative but without the benefit of getting PAID for it!
  • You are excellent at hearing & understanding what people say as well as what they do not say* (*reading between the lines, so to speak!)
  • You deeply enjoy helping others navigate issues and experience success in their endeavors
  • You are already a proven professional with expertise, credentials and credibility in your field
  • You have a heart and passion for teaching and/or facilitating change!

Life Coaching is one of the fastest growing industries for knowledgeable professionals who want to help others succeed in life. I founded the Strategic-Success Life Coaching Institute to train prospective Life Coaches such as you!

The SSLCI’s Accelerated Certification Program is a dynamic, engaging, proven and practical five-module course that you can complete at your own pace. Throughout the certification process you will be guided with personal interaction with a Master Life Coach from our Institute so you don’t have to “go it alone.”

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