2023Essential Oils for Self-Care

Essential Oils for Self-Care

3-Minute Wellness Tips

April 25, 2023


Saturday, October 22, 2022

Women’s inspiration Network

I am honored to have been the KEYNOTE SPEAKER for THE W.I.N. “RENEW – RECHARGE – RETREAT” event!



• • • • • • • •

“How to Keep Going when You Feel like Giving Up!”


If you were unable to join us please know that this particular MASTERCLASS will be offered again!



FREE “5-Day SELF-CARE Challenge!”


We kicked off 2022 with the first of many opportunities to challenge ourselves to new levels of wellness: a FREE “5-Day SELF-CARE Challenge!” Yes, that’s right… it was FREE! The goal was to get you going in a low-stress, fun, inspiring way in which you experience success in your OWN way!

There was nocompetitive stress” – it was just YOU setting your own #selfcare goals and YOU MAKING THEM HAPPEN!!!

Participants received:

  • A list of SELF-CARE IDEAS from which to select!
  • A list of powerful Word-based AFFIRMATIONS to strengthen your spirit help stay inspired!
  • A five-day CHALLENGE TRACKER on which to record your daily progress + + space to jot down what you learned; are proud & excited about; as well as what you can improve upon!


New Year

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


“Understanding Your TRUE COLORS!”

As a Certified TRUE COLORS Facilitator since 1993, I can truly tell you that this is one of my favorite temperament assessments! I am very excited to resume training teams in-person as well as offer team sessions virtually. Most recently I have begun including the “TRUE COLORS of Your Self-Care” to the transformation Life Coaching services provided to my amazing clients. You may complete the assessment online and then meet with me to review creative ways to enhance your self-care and wellness process by honoring the unique way that you are wired!

> > >

TC of Your Self-Care

“Am I My Sister’s Keeper?” A Four-Week Series has ended, but…

…if you’d like to experience this powerful, self-reflective “challenge” to learn exactly HOW to ‘keep’ yourself as a pre-requisite to ‘keeping’ your sister, then purchase the “AM I MY SISTER’S KEEPER?” Personal Guide and work through the 20+ page workbook! Learn what the word ‘keeper’ actually means and how critically important it is for us to honor the spiritual call to be ‘keepers’ that please God. This Guide is an excellent resource for your next women’s Bible study; retreat event or sister-circle! Get yours today – only $ 15.00 for this digital download.

> > >


Q: Can you you “keep” your sister if you’re not “keeping” yourself?

A: 🙄 Uhhh… ummm.. hmmm… NO!
Sorry sis – it just can’t be done. 😔

Each Friday this month, the women of Christian Love Fellowship Ministries International (CLFMI) in Michigan, have been exploring that very question using MY workbook: “Am I My Sister’s Keeper?”

By self-assessing & reflecting on three key relationships…
• My relationship with GOD
• My relationship with MYSELF
• My relationship with My SISTER
…we’ve unpacked how each of these relationships are intertwined & must be rooted in love!

💗 I’m SO EXCITED to facilitate the 4th & final session this coming Friday!!!

We’ll recap previous sessions, stand in our truth & embrace our divine power for genuinely “keeping” our sister! 🥰

If your Women’s Ministry, sister-circle, Sorority or social club would like to study this as a group, see link in my profile to contact me. The digital guide is available for $15 thru my website.

You’ll be surprised to find out what it REALLY means to “KEEP” your sister!

1 - EYT Spring 2020

MAY 10 – 24 , 2021

“Engage Your Tribe!” Professional Development 10– Business Day CHALLENGE! for Life Coaches, Consultants & Entrepreneurs

Join us for this powerful, focused, self-directed, transformative experience of intentionally ENGAGING YOUR TRIBE for ten, consecutive business days! You will select from an amazing MENU of IDEAS that best align with whatever YOUR business goals require! We’ll kick-off the CHALLENGE with a group meeting (via ZOOM) and then hold ourselves accountable for specific self-selected ACTIONS of engagement for ten business days. We will reconvene two weeks later (also via ZOOM) to share our reflections, take-aways and professional insights! The FEE is only $138 and you are invited to ENGAGE YOUR TRIBE! > > >

MAY 15, 2021

Guest Speaker: Messiah Baptist Church Women’s Day Conference

MAY 28, 2021

Guest Facilitator: Christian Love Fellowship Ministries International Women’s Ministry Celebration

  • “10 GIFTS” BOOKCLUB & Virtual Tea Party stack


  • “MEET ME @ THE MANSION” Royal Refresher Retreat


– – – – – 2020 – – – – –

Thanks to all who benefitted from my 2020 Black Friday Sale as well as to those who KEPT reaching out to purchase Life Coaching Packages for themselves and others at FULL PRICE! I salute you for “getting it” that Life Coaching is an INVESTMENT with residual benefits!!! Thanks for selecting ME as your Master Life Coach.

~ (Rev.) Dr. Sheryl L.W. Barnes, CEO

November 27 – December 1, 2020 @ Midnight! Once you pay you’ll receive a link to schedule your first Life Coaching Session! Use this for yourself or give the three sessions to your BFF, favorite niece, auntie or family member.


What a blessed time @ The Mansion for my “Royal Refresher Retreat!

Everyone needs an opportunity to… relax, be refreshed and allow your very SOUL to be royally refreshed! That is exactly what we all experienced at the Mansion at Noble Lane this September, 2020! If you’d like information on joining us for upcoming Royal Refresher Retreat, please join my email list > > > Please Click Here!

. . . . . . . . .

It was an honor to present “Finding Peace in the Midst of the Pandemic & Protest

Sept. 2020: If you’re interested in learning how to better protect, nurture and strengthen your PEACE I am happy to send you HIGHLIGHTS from this powerful Summit. Please send me an email and I’ll respond with more info!


AUTUMN is the perfect time for a Happy New “YES!”

1 - LC

Make FALL YOUR season to take a more decisive role in living your BEST LIFE!
It all begins with a Happy New YES! Say YES to doing your own work. No more excuses. Say YES to investing time, money & energy in what matters most to you. Say YES to Life Coaching that is Word-Based with a proven Certified Life Coach committed to seeing YOU succeed! Today is the perfect day to say, “Happy New YES!” Are you new to Life Coaching and want to go easy?

“It is incredibly empowering to craft a roadmap to success with my trusted life coach, Dr. Sheryl Barnes. She holds me accountable to my personal commitments, encourages self-reflection, and is a warm, insightful, leader and confidant. Dr. Barnes is the truth!” ~ E.G. Bradley

2 - autumn


We SOLD-OUT! Scroll down to take a look at a video overview of my “Royal Refresher Retreat” @ The Mansion at Noble Lane!

3 - SOLD-OUT Sept 2020

Check out this video about my “Royal Refresher Retreat”@ The Mansion at Noble Lane.

If you’re unable to attend the September 2020 Royal Refresher Retreat @ The Mansion at Noble Lane but want to be kept informed about other upcoming events, please join my V.I.P. Email List by clicking here: “ADD ME to the V.I.P. List!”

******** 2 0 1 9 ********


There’s just something about sharing wisdom over a cup of tea! Take a look at our video…


UPDATE: This is now SOLD-OUT! – – – SOLD-OUT! – – – SOLD-OUT! – – – SOLD-OUT!
Thank you for responding in under 4 days to my last PRIVATE TEA of 2019! We will share our respective journeys over a cup of tea! We give TOO much of ourselves away and at A PRIVATE TEA we lovingly open up about how we can begin to live more intentionally. Referencing my award-winning book: “10 GIFTS to Give Yourself – The Journey Back to You!” dialogue flows from the cultural habit we’ve developed of ‘being super-women” and the dangerous price we’re paying. Sound familiar? Come… let’s talk about it… over Tea! Please RSVP >>> SOLD-OUT!

~ Dr. Sheryl L.W. Barnes, CEO #JourneyBackToYou



We SOLD-OUT once again! Thank you for registering so quickly for A Private Tea on Saturday, September 21st at 3:00 p.m. We will lovingly explore “Your Journey Back to You!” and chat about the importance of the gift called ‘you’. What is it that you need to restore balance, meaning, excitement and joy in the day-to-day rhythm of your life? Come expecting to gently be reminded of just how valuable your life is and how important you are as we navigate a journey back to… you.

> > > AUGUST

My August 17th event: A PRIVATE TEA SOLD-OUT!!! I promise to host another one in autumn of this year so please keep an eye on your in-box for upcoming details. Special Thanks for the wonderful response – we had a wonderful, wonderful time together!

~ Dr. Sheryl L.W. Barnes, Certified Master Life Coach


> > > AUGUST
Please HOLD THE DATE and plan to join me for A Private Tea on Saturday, August 17th at 3:00 p.m. in the afternoon as we lovingly explore “Your Journey Back to You!” Let’s chat about the importance of the gift called ‘you’. What is it that you need to restore balance, meaning, excitement and joy in the day-to-day rhythm of your life? Please register today and come expecting to gently be reminded of just how valuable your life is and how important you are as we navigate a journey back to… you.

1 - Join me 7

> > > JUNE 2019

My #RoyalRefresher Retreat @ The Mansion at Noble Lane was a wonderfully ‘refreshing’ experience in which twenty women immersed themselves in a long weekend of rest, an exquisite Tea Party, Spa treatments, a Yoga session and an Olympic-sized pool plus… much more!

Please plan to join me at my #RoyalRefresher Retreat next June 25 – 28, 2020 by joining my V.I.P. Email list!
NEWS UPDATE: WE SOLD-OUT in under 36 HOURS!!! Thanks to every women who registered so quickly! I’m stunned and very, very grateful! #DrSLWB



> > > MAY 2019
“Women’s Season Retreat” @ Messiah Baptist Church (Bridgeport, CT) – A truly blessed experience as I facilitated the Saturday Retreat and Preached the Sunday Worship Service! ~ Rev. Dr. Sheryl L.W. Barnes2

> > > MAY 2019

Get Ready for Your NEXT YES!!!

1 - next Yes
Master life Coaching Offer!

EVERYTHING you’ve experienced, survived & accomplished have all LED UP to this: Your next YES!!!

But here’s the thing – BEFORE you can #securethebag you must “secure your PLAN” by investing in telling your truth & getting UNSTUCK!
Why aren’t you FURTHER along?
Why does your life STILL hurt?
Why is your motivation NON-EXISTENT?
Why aren’t you living in PURPOSE?
Why are you still SAD or FEARFUL?
Want something BETTER? – Let me coach you THERE!!! I am accepting FIVE individuals with a MADE-UP mind to participate in an exclusive One-on-One Master Life Coaching Program. This is NOT a “group coaching” – this is a 5-session, individualized & personalized Life Coaching experience with me for those special individuals who are READY for progress, success & BREAKTHROUGH!
Send me a DM or Email me: for full details & let’s get started!
***Limited-time offer*** ONLY 5 openings available! Contact me today to reserve your exclusive Master Life Coaching experience of five personalized, one-on-one, focused sessions!

>>> APRIL 2019
It’s SPRING... which means – it’s time to journey back to YOU!!!

I don’t know what your “spring” plans are but I hope you’ll edit them to INCLUDE some major “spring-cleaning” of your JOY, DREAMS & overall WELL-BEING! Your heart, soul and physical environment can easily become “cluttered” – perhaps that anxiety or borderline-sadness you feel is from DOING TOO MUCH for too many!

Here’s an exciting and loving remedy: grab your copy of “10 GIFTS to Give Yourself – The Journey Back to You!” and then enjoy a clarifying COACHING CAPSULE (a 45-minute coaching conference call) to help jump-start a BEST LIFE journey for YOU! Are you ready to journey back to… yourself?

>>>>MARCH 2019

A Challenge V2V.1

Just stay-tuned for another 8-Day Challenge!!! ~ This was a combination online & teleconference experience that immersed participants in positive, guided action for 8 straight days!!! It was focused, structured and productive in helping everyone go from VISION to VICTORY in their selected goal area!!!

>>>>> ♥ FEBRUARY 2019
Royal VISION BOARD Event!!! Was held on Sat., Feb. 16, 2019 in New Haven, CT. JOIN my VIP E-Mail List to hear about upcoming events, experiences, classes and more!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

.………………… MORE MONTHLY UPDATES TO COME!!! …………………

>>>>>JUNE 2019


* * * SOLD-OUT!!! * * *


JUNE 21 – 23, 2019




Special THANKS to all who responded so quickly and registered for my June 21-23, 2019 ROYAL REFRESHER Retreat. I’m pleased to announce that it is now SOLD-OUT!

That’s right! You deserve THIS retreat – a luxurious, yet tranquil, immersion into a #ROYAL REFRESHER retreat at The Mansion at Noble Lane (in the Poconos). I’ll be your co-host along with retreat planner extraordinaire, Ms. Nasha Barnes!


Plan now to join us in 2019!

Meet Me


2018 was absolutely amazing & I’m ready to return!

  • SOLD OUT Saturday, June 16, 2018 ~ @ The Mansion at Noble Lane in the Poconos. This SOLD-OUT weekend Women’s Empowerment Retreat was sponsored by #SimplyReal #ReplenishYou and I’m excited to have been asked to facilitate the special retreat session in which we explored how our lives need to be reviewed through the question: “When is enough, enough?”


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