In 2022… SELF-CARE must become our ‘new normal’
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SELF-CARE – Our New Priority

This could NOT come as a surprise to anyone. Folk are burning out; walking out; showing out; shutting down; falling behind; and passing out… usually from sheer mental and emotional exhaustion. As a life coach, who now specializes in “soul-wellness”, I find this disturbing trend reaching new levels of ‘normalcy’ among my amazing, professional, intelligent, God-loving, God-serving clients.

Undoubtedly you’ve seen it too… or even worse, you’ve experienced the frustrating symptoms of not feeling as if there will ever be enough time, or energy, or clarity to make it all make sense.

Is there any real and lasting solution? Is ‘overwhelm’, like covid, our new normal? I don’t think that it has to be. I don’t believe that we are doomed to living lives without rest or respite. I don’t believe that we are helpless when it comes to redefining how we will show up in our own lives. In spite of “self-care” being reduced to a code-phrase to sell everything from cashmere hoodies to Himalayan Mountain retreats, the truth is… it must become our new priority. And… for the record, I totally reject the idea that self-care automatically equates to narcissism, hedonism or any other extreme variety of excessive self-centered, self-indulgence. On the contrary, I believe that self-care centered in compassion and faith is actually a spiritual location from which we can bring the best to others. I believe self-care is an ongoing practice of spiritual stewardship rooted firmly in my Christian faith.

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Whatever your faith system, please consider elevating self-care to a higher place of philosophical, theological, professional and communal priority. Re-think rest. Re-think boundaries. Re-think nurturing your soul and not just your bank account. Well, you can tell from this article that I am rooting for you as you examine all of your values and make sure that self-care is somewhere in the midst. Best to you! ~ Dr. Sheryl L.W. Barnes

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