No, Seriously – It’s Time to BOSS Your LIFE!


Let’s be honest – some phrases inspire us to greatness!  If you’re like me even hashtags can energize your day: #VibeUp  #LevelUp and #goaldigger always make me want to hit the target goals I set each day!  And, truth be told, I have a particular affinity for just about anything with “BOSS” in it: #bossmoves #bosslady #bossbabes and, well you get the picture.

byl-03 What if, all cliches aside, you really DO NEED to “BOSS Your LIFE” – what does that entail and do you have the resources available at your fingertips to make it happen?

You do now.  I curated the “BOSS Your LIFE!” Guidebook using a proven selection of my most effective tools, assessments, worksheets and forms to help you clarify, organize and prioritize your thoughts and ideas.  You are worth the time it takes to write out your personal vision, mission and life goals!  It is equally important to know what core values are shaping your decisions.  In the Guidebook you’ll get templates to help you inventory your gifts, skills and special abilities – and there’s even a space for your to note what your are passionate about!

Face it – you can’t BOSS a life you haven’t bothered to reflect on.  As you document important facets of your dreams and aspirations, you’ll find it much easier to set goals and convert those goals into strategies and tactics upon which you can take ACTION.

1-bylguideThis powerful tool is a digital download and is available upon purchase – for only $21.  Find out why I use the TO DO form daily and why my clients insist that tracking their ACCOMPLISHMENTS has given them the much needed boost of encouragement to keep on accomplishing more.

Grab your copy today and make “bossing” your life more than a hashtag; make it a reality!  CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE!

~ Dr. Sheryl L.W. Barnes, Life Coach


Need to #LevelUp?


It’s SO easy to be smitten by a hashtag like #LevelUp – right?  I mean seriously – who DOESN’T want to ‘up’ their game & improve their stats? Who doesn’t want to be perceived as the next, or the newest, fierce, fresh, phenomenon?  

Whatever your field is, the GOOD news is that “leveling up” is basically the same concept that is resting on the same principles: you must be consistent – persistent – and excellent.  Piece of cake… that is until you get tired… or you begin to doubt if you can “slay” ANOTHER day.  Are you ready for more GOOD news?  Keep reading!

If you need to #LevelUp start by accepting & RESPECTING the following, timeless, proven truths:

  1. QUIET TIME IS CRITICAL: That’s right my friend. Find a way to unplug and sit with your own thoughts without the noise of the world polluting YOUR genius.
  2. REST IS CRITICAL:  Your BODY, MIND & SPIRIT need to re-boot even more than your tech devices.  Shut it all down and get some sleep!
  3. RELATIONSHIPS ARE CRITICAL:  Not the superficial kind either; I’m talking about spending quality time with quality people.  Who “really” gets you? If it’s your grandma, chill with her! If it’s your first cousin on your dad’s side… go hang out.

Maybe you were hoping for some type of DEEP and MYSTICAL elixir in order for you to #LevelUp.  I don’t know about deep or mystical but I do know about “tried & true” and you will absolutely experience greater focus and enhanced productivity when you r lifestyle is infused with the three basics listed above.

You only have ONE YOU.  #LevelUp for real by taking better care of yourself!

– Dr. Sheryl L.W. Barnes, Master Life Coach


Your AMAZING Life! ~ A Checklist

Your AMAZING Life Checklist

If you’re like most of us, every now and then you just need to ‘scan’ and assess how things are going across different dimensions of your life.  Sure, you can do a check-in at the beginning of the year or… as the year winds down – but, you can also level up and examine your life at any time!   With that goal in mind I created a FREE Your AMAZING Life  ~ A Checklist



  1. Because your life is way too important, valuable, unique and wonderful to leave to randomness. You have the responsibility (& power) to transform it from what it is now to how you know it can be.
  2. We forget how a change in one area of life can enhance all the other areas! Doing a self-assessment helps us to see what we want to keep in our lives and what we might want to change, improve or enhance!
  3. Having a tool such as this allows you to take your sweet time and really think about your life: your beliefs, abilities and dreams but at your convenience. You don’t have to rush through to get a “score’ – the results are indications of ‘where’ you are and a guide to ‘where’ you can decide to go!

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It’s Time… Join us for a Royal VISION BOARD Event!

Your DESTINY is far too important to leave to chance or other people’s opinions!  When you take time to create a ROYAL VISION BOARD you are allowing your heart to ‘speak’ thru the images and phrases you select.  And… your HEART MUST SPEAK because it is where your deepest passions, purpose and dreams reside.  Your heart is where your VISION is awaiting nurturing and activation and YOU are the ONLY one who has the spiritual authority to bring it to life.  God trusts you with divine purpose.

If you are able to join us on Saturday, January 20, 2018 11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. (@ The Urban Collective in New Haven, CT) please come prepared to be encouraged, empowered & inspired!  You’ll enjoy at atmosphere of faith, fellowship & fearlessness.  CLICK HERE to REGISTER thru Evenbrite – tickets are only $48 and include the total experience with all materials & refreshments!  Start 2018 with clarity and determination to live out your VISION!

~ Dr. Sheryl L.W. Barnes, CEO & Life Coach

5 Ways to ACTIVATE your VISION!!!

If you’ve had the powerful experience of creating a personal Vision Board then you already know the feeling of exhilaration of honoring what’s in your heart and on your Collage1mind.  I get it – it’s joyful! Each year I host “Royal VISION BOARD Retreats” to facilitate this truly transformational experience for my clients. But here’s the catch: unless you use your Vision Board as the first step in realizing your dreams, goals and aspirations all you will have to show for your efforts will be… a nice collage.

But what if you’ve missed the best part?  What if you’ve not allowed your Vision Board creation to be the kick-off point for the creation of a serious action plan?

Here are 5 Ways to “ACTIVATE” your VISION!!! 

  1. SCAN: Scan your Vision Board to identify recurring ideas or themes.  Do you see travel repeated throughout, or images of healthy foods; romance; adventure; or entrepreneurship?  Write down repeating ideas.
  2. SELECT: Select an idea or theme that is important to you, to convert into an action plan.  It is easier to set goals for ONE idea than to and accomplish major success in multiple areas of your life at the same time.
  3. CONVERT:  Once you’ve selected something from your Vision Board to work on convert it into an action planning format that is S,M.A.R.T. = Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-bound.  State exactly what you want (specific); define how you will measure its attainment; describe in what ways your goal is actually something you can achieve (ex.: workout 3 times a week for 30 minutes); include in your written plan how your goal is realistic for your time, energy and other life obligations; and finally, attach a time by which you’ll achieve it.
  4. COMMIT:  If you’re serious about make your Vision Board come to life – commit by making yourself accountable to someone.  Commit the process to a trusted ‘other’ who will check in on you and your progress.
  5. CELEBRATE:  When you reach your goal, and you will – allow time to reflect on what you learned along the way and be sure to celebrate in a special and personally-meaningful way!

If you’d like to try one-on-one Success Coaching that produces results, please contact me for the coaching support your VISION demands!  Life is not a rehearsal and your dreams matter; remember it’s your life… only AMAZING!  CONTACT ME!


Is a crazy MYTH in the way of your Amazing Life?

We’re probably all guilty of believing something that works against us living the best life possible yet… the myth hangs around in our psyche, showing up when we are most vulnerable!  Here’s a myth that I’m excited to DE-BUNK because it’s been lurking around my life for as long as I can remember: “My LIFE will be AMAZING as soon as I accomplish _______” (fill in the blank).

You would think I would not EVER fall for this myth again, but noooo……. as soon as I have a rough day; a cancelled event; or a rejected business proposal – here it comes (again) trying to convince me that my entire life will be just FABULOUS as soon as I land the NEXT account or post the next blog or blah, blah, blah.

Okay, so now for the truthmy life is AMAZING every time I pause and reflect on the goodness of God.  Seriously.  My life is amazing when I linger in the place and space of gratitude for food, shelter, family & friends who love me; meaningful work and fruitful ministry and…. I could go on and on listing the myriad ways that I am blessed.

If by any chance, I’m not the only one who struggles with the recurring madness of this myth, and if per chance you wrestle with it too, please help yourself to reading about two other myths that conspire to keep you from enjoying your amazing life by CLICKING HERE for a completely FREE download (no email required).

Also, please share your thoughts (& myths) with me!  Wishing you the very best for a life that is myth-free and truly amazing!

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Your AMAZING Life 2017 ~ A Checklist

I wanted to start this year off by giving a Gift to those I know; those who are clients; and those who, like me, simply want to get more practical info on ‘how to’ have an AMAZING Life!  With that goal in mind I created “Your AMAZING Life 2017 ~ A Checklist.”

I hope you’ll opt-in and immediately enjoy the opportunity to think about your life across three dimensions: Your beliefs, your abilities and your dreams!  I’m praying that you’ll be both honest and kind as you think about just how unique you are.

If this resource makes you re-think your limitations then you are invited to join me for upcoming resources, tips and support!  An AMAZING Life is possible.  Give yourself permission to redesign your life & make it… amazing.

           CLICK HERE to get your FREE Checklist!

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