No, Seriously – It’s Time to BOSS Your LIFE!


Let’s be honest – some phrases inspire us to greatness!  If you’re like me even hashtags can energize your day: #VibeUp  #LevelUp and #goaldigger always make me want to hit the target goals I set each day!  And, truth be told, I have a particular affinity for just about anything with “BOSS” in it: #bossmoves #bosslady #bossbabes and, well you get the picture.

byl-03 What if, all cliches aside, you really DO NEED to “BOSS Your LIFE” – what does that entail and do you have the resources available at your fingertips to make it happen?

You do now.  I curated the “BOSS Your LIFE!” Guidebook using a proven selection of my most effective tools, assessments, worksheets and forms to help you clarify, organize and prioritize your thoughts and ideas.  You are worth the time it takes to write out your personal vision, mission and life goals!  It is equally important to know what core values are shaping your decisions.  In the Guidebook you’ll get templates to help you inventory your gifts, skills and special abilities – and there’s even a space for your to note what your are passionate about!

Face it – you can’t BOSS a life you haven’t bothered to reflect on.  As you document important facets of your dreams and aspirations, you’ll find it much easier to set goals and convert those goals into strategies and tactics upon which you can take ACTION.

1-bylguideThis powerful tool is a digital download and is available upon purchase – for only $21.  Find out why I use the TO DO form daily and why my clients insist that tracking their ACCOMPLISHMENTS has given them the much needed boost of encouragement to keep on accomplishing more.

Grab your copy today and make “bossing” your life more than a hashtag; make it a reality!  CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE!

~ Dr. Sheryl L.W. Barnes, Life Coach


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