Need to #LevelUp?


It’s SO easy to be smitten by a hashtag like #LevelUp – right?  I mean seriously – who DOESN’T want to ‘up’ their game & improve their stats? Who doesn’t want to be perceived as the next, or the newest, fierce, fresh, phenomenon?  

Whatever your field is, the GOOD news is that “leveling up” is basically the same concept that is resting on the same principles: you must be consistent – persistent – and excellent.  Piece of cake… that is until you get tired… or you begin to doubt if you can “slay” ANOTHER day.  Are you ready for more GOOD news?  Keep reading!

If you need to #LevelUp start by accepting & RESPECTING the following, timeless, proven truths:

  1. QUIET TIME IS CRITICAL: That’s right my friend. Find a way to unplug and sit with your own thoughts without the noise of the world polluting YOUR genius.
  2. REST IS CRITICAL:  Your BODY, MIND & SPIRIT need to re-boot even more than your tech devices.  Shut it all down and get some sleep!
  3. RELATIONSHIPS ARE CRITICAL:  Not the superficial kind either; I’m talking about spending quality time with quality people.  Who “really” gets you? If it’s your grandma, chill with her! If it’s your first cousin on your dad’s side… go hang out.

Maybe you were hoping for some type of DEEP and MYSTICAL elixir in order for you to #LevelUp.  I don’t know about deep or mystical but I do know about “tried & true” and you will absolutely experience greater focus and enhanced productivity when you r lifestyle is infused with the three basics listed above.

You only have ONE YOU.  #LevelUp for real by taking better care of yourself!

– Dr. Sheryl L.W. Barnes, Master Life Coach


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