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Your AMAZING Life! ~ A Checklist

Your AMAZING Life Checklist

If you’re like most of us, every now and then you just need to ‘scan’ and assess how things are going across different dimensions of your life.  Sure, you can do a check-in at the beginning of the year or… as the year winds down – but, you can also level up and examine your life at any time!   With that goal in mind I created a FREE Your AMAZING Life  ~ A Checklist



  1. Because your life is way too important, valuable, unique and wonderful to leave to randomness. You have the responsibility (& power) to transform it from what it is now to how you know it can be.
  2. We forget how a change in one area of life can enhance all the other areas! Doing a self-assessment helps us to see what we want to keep in our lives and what we might want to change, improve or enhance!
  3. Having a tool such as this allows you to take your sweet time and really think about your life: your beliefs, abilities and dreams but at your convenience. You don’t have to rush through to get a “score’ – the results are indications of ‘where’ you are and a guide to ‘where’ you can decide to go!

WHY BOTHER? Because you’re worth it!!!

So, click below to opt-in & get your 21-point, AMAZING Life checklist. It let’s you reflect on three areas of your life: your beliefs; your abilities;  and your dreams.  I’m praying that you’ll be both honest and kind as you think about just how unique you are.

If this resource makes you re-think what you really want in your life and you need support in making it happen, you’re invited to contact me for a 20-minute, COMPLIMENTARY Conversation.  You can also schedule LIFE COACHING with me.  Either way, begin with enjoying this clarifying tool.  An AMAZING Life is possible.  Give yourself permission to redesign your life & make it… amazing.

  CLICK HERE to get your FREE Checklist!

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