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5 Ways to ACTIVATE your VISION!!!

If you’ve had the powerful experience of creating a personal Vision Board then you already know the feeling of exhilaration of honoring what’s in your heart and on your Collage1mind.  I get it – it’s joyful! Each year I host “Royal VISION BOARD Retreats” to facilitate this truly transformational experience for my clients. But here’s the catch: unless you use your Vision Board as the first step in realizing your dreams, goals and aspirations all you will have to show for your efforts will be… a nice collage.

But what if you’ve missed the best part?  What if you’ve not allowed your Vision Board creation to be the kick-off point for the creation of a serious action plan?

Here are 5 Ways to “ACTIVATE” your VISION!!! 

  1. SCAN: Scan your Vision Board to identify recurring ideas or themes.  Do you see travel repeated throughout, or images of healthy foods; romance; adventure; or entrepreneurship?  Write down repeating ideas.
  2. SELECT: Select an idea or theme that is important to you, to convert into an action plan.  It is easier to set goals for ONE idea than to and accomplish major success in multiple areas of your life at the same time.
  3. CONVERT:  Once you’ve selected something from your Vision Board to work on convert it into an action planning format that is S,M.A.R.T. = Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-bound.  State exactly what you want (specific); define how you will measure its attainment; describe in what ways your goal is actually something you can achieve (ex.: workout 3 times a week for 30 minutes); include in your written plan how your goal is realistic for your time, energy and other life obligations; and finally, attach a time by which you’ll achieve it.
  4. COMMIT:  If you’re serious about make your Vision Board come to life – commit by making yourself accountable to someone.  Commit the process to a trusted ‘other’ who will check in on you and your progress.
  5. CELEBRATE:  When you reach your goal, and you will – allow time to reflect on what you learned along the way and be sure to celebrate in a special and personally-meaningful way!

If you’d like to try one-on-one Success Coaching that produces results, please contact me for the coaching support your VISION demands!  Life is not a rehearsal and your dreams matter; remember it’s your life… only AMAZING!  CONTACT ME!


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