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3 Secrets to Success for a Happy New NOW!

If you’ve ever wondered why success seems so “elusive” and so “way up there in the future” let me assure you that success is MUCH closer than you’d imagine! After helping several of my Life Coaching clients attain major personal goals in 2016 (and after reaching quite a few of my own) I discovered recurrent themes showing up over and over and over.  Here’s what I found to be three secrets to success…

#1    DO SOMETHING EVERYDAY TOWARD YOUR GOALS  – success is tied to consistency.  Everyday you must make a conscious decision to take an intentional and strategic action that advances you toward your goal!  It might be as simple as making your bed before you leave home so that you can return to a peaceful space at the end of the day or it might be calling a busy CEO until you connect with one who will agree to mentor you. Do something every single day and watch the efforts pay off.

#2   IMAGINE YOURSELF ALREADY SUCCESSFUL – use your imagination to enact what your success will look like once it manifests.  See yourself giving the successful speech at the major conference; envision yourself unlocking the door of your new office suite; imagine yourself presenting the scholarship check to a deserving youth.  Prepare for success by becoming comfortable with it in your mind.

#3   PAY ATTENTION TO DETAILS – respect what you say you want by attending to the details related to getting it.  When you meet someone new who is a relevant contact, take a few minutes within the next day or so to drop that person a thank you note.  Train your mind to listen attentively when others are speaking and to bring up details important to them when it’s time to do business with each other.  They’ll be impressed that you heard what they said. Go the extra mile when communicating by paying attention to details such as a person’s title, interests or preferred method of contact.  Details can differentiate you from others and positively cause you to be remembered.

Yes, it is a new year but more importantly… it’s a New NOW.  Enjoy each moment!

~ Dr. Sheryl L.W. Barnes   /  “Your Life…only Amazing!”



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