It’s good to see another Harvest!

november I am genuinely excited to welcome the month of November.  Even though 2016 seemed as if it zoomed by, the truth is, its been a great year of learning, meeting new people and navigating several new challenges.  But… what I’m most excited about is “gathering in the harvest” from seeds sown earlier in the year and the month of November makes me think of harvest.

What kind of harvest am I expecting? Since harvest always reflect seeds sown, the question is: what have I been sowing?  This year I made up my mind to be more intentional with making efforts to stretch socially and to go outside my comfort zone in exploring business opportunities. I sowed seeds of networking and following up after meeting really interesting people.  Some reciprocated but many did not. I’m grateful for the new relationships that have blossomed from those who did. 

I also sowed seeds of different ways to offer Life Coaching services.  My VISION BOARD events were seed that sprouted requests both locally and as far away as the Poconos.

Mostly I sowed seeds of encouragement in others: youth, adults, teens, children, elderly and peers.  What a harvest that has yielded.  The last two months (or more) of my life seem to be overflowing with peace, deep gratitude and genuine joy!

I hope you’ll find time to sit back and reflect on what’s working (or not) in your life; examine your harvest and decide whether it’s time to sow something different. Blessings on your harvest!

~ Dr. Sheryl L.W. Barnes, Life Coach 

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