Don’t Let Others DUMP Garbage in Your Mind!

SOUL Secret #5   Stop All Negative Dumping into Your Mind!

illegal dumpingWhen family members, friends, co-workers or even your social media buddies insist on dumping all manner of depressing, bigoted, gossipy or mean-spirited garbage into your mind – don’t allow it! By far one of your greatest assets is your mind and it must be guarded with vigilance. Sure, everyone IS entitled to their opinion but that doesn’t mean they should have unlimited dumping rights in your mind.

When you find yourself in person-to-person conversations that are turning ugly, do all that you can to try to redirect the conversation. If that fails, flat-out announce that you aren’t comfortable talking about “So & So” but you will definitely keep him or her lifted up in prayer. Another tactic is to flee: get off the phone; excuse yourself to chat with someone else at the party; go to the bathroom; refresh your beverage – just find a way to get away.

Prepare yourself because others are usually offended when you no longer want to join them in bashing others or engaging in vitriolic diatribes, pity parties and complaint sessions. Too bad. Stop letting others pour their toxic waste materials into your mental garden if you expect to grow positive & empowering thoughts.

~ Dr. Sheryl L.W. Barnes, Life Coach – Author – Speaker

Sterling-Xavier Consulting Group

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