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I am Dr. Sheryl L.W. Barnes and I help my clients:

  • Elevate their SELF-CARE awareness by examining current practices and exploring possible new or different ways to take care of themselves.
  • Redefine what BALANCE needs to look life in their everyday reality. Balance does not mean “equal parts” but instead means “right proportions.”  How much exercise I need may not be what YOU need. Some do not believe that balance is possible but I’m here to tell you not only is it possible but, as your Soul-Wellness Life Coach, we’ll work together to figure our what balance is for you!
  • Set meaningful BOUNDARIES to ensure that their mental, emotional and spiritual well-being is honored.  When our boundaries are constantly ignored, we pay a high cost.  It is common to feel frustrated, anxious, unimportant and misused, all because of OUR failure to establish, honor and reinforce boundaries that cannot be crossed. THIS… is self-care; this is soul-care and this is WELLNESS redefined!

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Meet Coach DrB

My ABOUT ME  page will tell you more about my credentials but right now, let’s talk about YOU… how would you answer the following?

  1. Question #1: Did you know that you don’t have to live BENEATH your privilege where you dread getting up in the morning only to invest time and energy in work you do NOT enjoy while being too AFRAID to step out in FAITH for more?
  2. Question #2: Is it time for you to give yourself PERMISSION to pursue your God-given vision, dreams, purpose & destiny? stand in your truth about what’s in your heart and the dreams you’ve kept treasured there?
  3. Question #3: Are you seriously ready to “do your work” and take yourself serious enough to make EACH day count?  Are you ready to explore the amazing benefits of the Life Coaching experience and let in what matters to YOU be at the center of the process?

IF you answered YES to all three questions above, guess what:  I’m ready to work with you! 

I have served as Life Coach and Strategic-Success Trainer to hundreds of men & women who decided to live “on purpose” and “in” purpose.  Your life is NOT a rehearsal – every moment matters and so do your gifts, skills and God-given abilities.  You deserve to BE all of what God intended.  You deserve to live an amazing life and just in case you’re wondering what, exactly, is an AMAZING Life?  It is a lifestyle that makes you to want to leap out of bed every morning… well most mornings anyway!

READY?  Click HERE  to schedule a complimentary, 20-minute, pre-Life Coaching conversation.  It’s your life… make it amazing! 

~ Sheryl L.W. Barnes, PhD, PhD, DMIN CEO, Soul-Wellness  Life Coach 

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